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Swedish Massage 

This massage is great for relaxing and unwinding high stress levels. Slow rhythmic effleurage strokes to calm and ease away tension. Can be used with light to medium pressure with no specific focus other than relaxation. This is also combined with movement of the joints.  

Swedish Massage [60 minutes]

Deep Tissue Massage 

This massage is a full body massage with a focus on lengthening and stretching tension areas. Slow focused strokes on specific muscles to loosen the buildup in the muscle. The use of a heated table or hot stone may be used to aide in the toxin release and relax the knots.

Deep Tissue Massage [60 minute]

Hot Stone Massage

This massage is a full body massage with the use of hot stones. Hot stones are beneficial for warming the muscles aiding in the release of the lactic acid buildup. Also, a great way to treat yourself in the cold and rainy weather.

Hot Stone Massage [60 minute]

What our customers are saying

 Incredible massage! Brandy did a superb job and got me ready for the week. I will definitely go back when the stress gets to be too much. The facial was relaxing as well and properly done. She definitely knows what she is doing!

Adriana Ross- Google Review